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I was looking for a biodegradable version of sanitary napkin & I found many options, but none of those worked for me as some were not that absorbent & some were not comfortable. That's when I got to know about SPARKLE. I thought to give it a shot and it literally blew my mind. It's so absorbent and comfortable, I just loved it!! Recommended to everyone. Thank you team Sparkle.

Dr. Aakanksha Mishra


I gave Sparkle pads a try because I love how this brand supports circular economy and donates pads to underprivileged girls. Their pads are really soft and comfortable. Finally a brand with a great product and a greater initiative.

Dr. Suhani Patel


I keep trying biodegradable pads made by local brands after many years of using the imported Natracare brand. By far yours is the best. I am happy to use a non cotton brand that explores other fibres. It is always dry, given our practice of using the health faucet when visiting the loo. Thank you for what you have created. I do hope you will soon launch the smaller sizes.

Poornima Joshi


An innovative, biodegradable and compostable sanitary pad made up with a combination of bamboo, banana fibre and corn starch with an incredible packaging.

Divya arya


I dared to try anything other than Whisper after 25yrs and this is magical. My entire period cycle was done with using only 4 pads. They were so absorbent and felt like I'm not wearing anything at all. This is a wonderful initiative. Hope you open branches in Kolkata. Would love to pick these up locally.

Suparna Sur


Ladies, you should definitely give these eco-friendly pads a try, if you haven’t already. They are super comfy. No itchiness or irritation. Definitely worth the money. Go for it.

Komal Prajapati


These pads feel really soft and natural without that plasticy feel. Plus the packaging is really nice. Go for it.

Jinny Singhvi


Good absorbency compared to other Natural pads on market. Eco friendly. Affordable.



Absolutely love how soft and comfortable these pads are. I have never tried a pad so soft. Individual disposal bags are really convenient. Sparkle is a complete package.

Prinsa Patel


I bought these pads after my sister told me to check them out. I can’t believe I didn’t try them earlier. Will be definitely be ordering more in the future.

Shivani Solanki


I am really happy with my decision to shift to Sparkle. Very comfortable and absorbent. The fact that it’s plastic-free and biodegradable is a definite plus.

Mokshita Bagrecha


Supercool concept of using banana fibre in sanitary pads. Gorgeous packaging and soft as hell. Love that it’s made in India. Thanks Sparkle.

Disha Setha


Really happy with Sparkle pads. I would definitely recommend these pads to everyone. No rashes or leakages. Packaging is really pretty.

Richa Shah


I found it extremely soft as opposed to the plastic ones. The absorbency was good too. Surprisingly, they were odourless. Safe for me and the planet. I would definitely recommend the product. The overnight version's length is the same as other commercial pads' XL length. I hope they come up with a XXL and XXXL lengths for heavy days and complete overnight protection.

Amazon Customer


I am so happy I found these pads. I had been struggling with rashes for so many years. I could definitely feel the difference between natural pads and plastic pads.

Aayushi Patel


I was using whisper because I couldn’t find a better pad, but these are the best pads in India. I recommend them to everyone.

Lisha Desai


Sparkle is a very wonderful product, very soft and very comfortable. It’s beautiful packaging makes you feel good about having it in your vanity. good Job Sparkle Team.

Mokshita Bagrecha


The best sanitary pads I have used so far. They are so soft and fluffy. I would recommend these pads to everyone. No rashes or leakages.

Divya Aarya


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