Sparkle Gives Back

‘Giving back’ may just be two words on paper; but when they’re put into prompt action, they can make a world of difference.

Right from the start, our core belief has circled around caring - to date, we have invested all our efforts into making a tangible difference wherever we can; donation drives, menstrual hygiene education camps, partnerships with NGOs, workshops, and COVID-19 relief measures in the hopes that we finally get to see the day where the words ‘period poverty’ is just a term in a textbook.

And not the reality we face today.

We’re just getting started.
Because there’s still a long way to go.

Working towards building a better world

where all menstruators can have access to safe and natural period care.

We use a percentage of profits from every Sparkle pad purchase to provide sustainable pads and health education to menstruators in need.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a safe and dignified period.

When we supply period care to young menstruators, this, in turn, keeps them in school, breaking generational cycles of period poverty.


Many menstruators aren’t even aware of what their period means, leave alone knowing how to look after themselves hygienically.

We work towards equipping adolescent menstruators with all the information they need to safely navigate puberty and reach their full potential.


We exist to break the stigma surrounding menstruation.

We empower individuals with all the knowledge and solutions they need to increase gender equality, have important conversations, and moreover, break free from the age-old cultural taboos that limit them.

We need to act. Now.

The numbers aren’t great. Nor is the current scenario.
Despite increasing attention and advocacy over the past few years,
menstruation continues to remain a topic of concern.


of India’s 355 million menstruators use sanitary napkins


of adolescent girls in India remain unaware of menstruation until they get their first period


of girls in India drop out of school once they reach puberty


decrease in school dropout rates when adolescent menstruators have access to sanitary napkins

Your period shouldn’t halt your potential

Access to period care products has impacts that go far beyond the classroom.

When young teens don’t have the appropriate products to take on their menstrual cycle, they slowly lose the spark that sets them apart - they may not feel protected, leading to a drop in their confidence, dignity, and sometimes, even a desire to quit their education.

Many menstruators miss school during their period due to their inability and distraction to participate in their education and other activities; it’s not just their period on the line, it’s their pride as well.

Empowerment through education

Given the lack of conversation about menstruation in India, many adolescent menstruators remain unaware of menstruation until they get their first period. Coupled with social and cultural stigma, this sets up young teens to go through the formative years of their menstrual life without proper education, awareness, and hygienic menstrual practices.

This lack of information, in addition to leaving menstruators clueless, has a debilitating effect on their confidence levels - most of them slowly fade into the background, blending in while they attempt to make sense of this sudden onset of bleeding.

Our Impact Partners

We work with non-profit partners that reflect our core values.

With our impact partners, we provide sustainable period care and menstrual health education to keep young teens in school and enabling older menstruators to pursue their dreams.

We collaborate with different NGOs, schools, colleges and hospitals to spread awareness about various health issues such as UTIs, reproductive diseases, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and mental health issues through educational seminars conducted by doctors and industry leaders.

Here are some of the organizations we have collaborated with:

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