Make product, packaging and manufacturing more efficient and effective through design and innovation

We continuously work towards building better and more sustainable products by optimizing machine design, product design and manufacturing processes. When we design new products, we not only optimize product parameters through a series of lab tests, but we also validate the results through various focus groups and consumer panel testing. Similarly, when we design our packaging, we always look for ways to replace plastic and non-biodegradable components with more sustainable alternatives.

When it comes to production, we understand that manufacturing is all about efficiency. Our talented team of engineers continuously work towards improving our machine design and optimizing our manufacturing processes so that we can reduce machine downtime, lower periodic maintenance, minimize production waste and implement automation. We always look for opportunities for improvements by focusing on the following areas:

1. Product innovation to enhance performance
2. Packaging innovation to reduce environmental impact
3. Manufacturing innovation to increase operational efficiency

Product innovation to enhance performance

We have designed Sparkle pads by not only carefully selecting sustainable, biodegradable and compostable ingredients, but by also making sure that our pads can offer the required absorbency and comfortable period experience.

In addition to choosing sustainable ingredients, we have also introduced many different features that can enhance user-friendliness as well as product performance. We have redesigned our sanitary pad wings so that they can easily wrap around your underwear and securely stay in place. Our unique rapid distribution channels help transfer the fluid across the entire length of the pad. We have made the back of the pad wider to offer extra protection and convenience.

Packaging innovation to reduce environmental impact

Not only do conventional sanitary pads contain a large amount of plastic and petro-chemical by-products inside of them, but their outer packaging is also made from polyethylene (PE), a non-biodegradable plastic which pollutes the earth for 500-600 years.

We are working towards replacing non-biodegradable components with sustainable ingredients made with renewable resources whenever possible. We have designed our packaging by replacing the plastic components with biodegradable and fully-compostable pouches and recycled cardboard boxes. We also use paper tape instead of cellophane tape to seal our master cartons to make our entire packaging more sustainable.

Manufacturing innovation to increase operational efficiency

When we can’t find ready-made machines that can transform our innovative ideas into a reality, we don’t hesitate to start from scratch. We take matters into our hands to design and build new machines that meet our requirements.

When we were working on transforming ligno-cellulosic banana fibre into soft-absorbent pulp by modifying the fibre structure, we found that the existing banana fibre extraction machines available in the industry had very low production capacity with a high wastage-ratio due to inefficient design.