We’re on a mission to transform the period products industry by offering healthy, sustainable and innovative products made from highest quality ingredients to care for YOU and the PLANET.

We use organic, bio-based or up-cycled materials derived from renewable resources whenever possible to ensure our products can biodegrade quickly after disposal and go back to nature without leaving any toxic residue.

Besides developing biodegradable products that are skin-safe and protect the planet, we passionately work towards breaking the stigma surrounding periods. Your “that time of the month” is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural process, as normal as eating or sleeping. And talking about menstruation should never be considered a taboo. Not today. Not ever. In fact, period is an essential part of all human life, because quite literally without periods, human life would not be possible.

We firmly believe that every menstruator deserves to bleed with pride. Since day one, giving back has been central to who we are. We have donated over 200,000 pads through our NGO partners as we work towards bridging the gap between period poverty and menstrual equity.

Our Core Values

We believe that a company's core values are as important as the products it makes. We are committed to conducting business in a sustainable, ethical and transparent way by keeping people, the planet and our purpose at the heart of everything we do.


We embrace diversity, equality and inclusion. Through our actions, we aim to become a trusted brand for our customers, the best establishment to work at for our existing team members, the employer of choice for any interested candidates, and the partner of choice for our suppliers and other key stakeholders.


We are committed to doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We strongly believe that making thoughtful decisions today is the way to move forward and sustain the environment for future generations to come.


We strive to set the highest standards of transparency and integrity in our organization. From making safe, sustainable and high-quality products to fighting for reproductive equity and donating period products to menstruators in need, we always work towards making the world a better place.

Our Story

Sparkle’s story, quite fittingly, started with a spark.

Three, to be precise.

The social and cultural stigma surrounding periods in Surat, Gujarat, India while she was growing up, sparked Hetal to think about all the hurried whispers, hiding, guilty glances, and the almost shameful image that the society had set for its menstruators.

On the other hand, travelling the world, visiting many countries and experiencing (first-hand) the lack of sanitary products, as well as its physiological and socio-economic effects on millions of adolescent individuals, was the spark that set Chirag on his course.

Hetal Virani

Hetal leads day-to-day planning and implementation as well all financial and operational-related activities.

  • C.A. from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • C.W.A. from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.
  • C.S. from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
  • Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India.
Chirag Virani

Chirag guides Sparkle in the areas of R&D, product design, manufacturing and business development.

  • Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, Canada.
  • Master in Business Administration from Ryerson University, Canada.
  • Post-Graduation program from UC-Berkeley, USA.