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Protecting people and our planet through continuous efforts

As a young, but rapidly growing company, we understand and embrace the importance of innovation as an engine that drives growth. With a strong focus on sustainability, we keep the entire product life-cycle in mind when designing our products, right from the sourcing of our innovative ingredients to the product’s end-of-life scenarios.

In addition to testing and qualifying innovative ingredients in our labs at every stage of the development process and validating the results through various focus groups and consumer panel testing, we also collaborate with several leading research institutes, universities, and independent laboratories to ensure that we are leading change in the industry.

Our R&D centre is our vision in reality, equipped with EIGHT departments.

Sustainable Ingredients

Four departments are devoted exclusively to making our ingredients and products as sustainable as possible

Fibre Technology
Superabsorbent Biopolymers

Responsible Disposal

Three departments focus primarily on responsible disposable methods and explore how Sparkle pads behave in different environmental conditions at the end of their life-cycle



Our engineering and product design department focuses on enhancing both our machine and product design to turn our innovative concepts into reality

Engineering and Product Design

Fibre Technology

Developing fluff pulp from agro-based non-wood fibres

Our Fibre Technology department focuses on the following research areas to make the absorbent core of our products as sustainable as possible:

1. Eco-friendly pulping methods
2. Optimizing fluff pulp parameters for best performance

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Superabsorbent Biopolymers

Developing biodegradable superabsorbent hydrogels

Our Superabsorbent Biopolymers department is focusing on following research areas:

1. Developing biodegradable alternative to petroleum derived acrylate-based SAP
2. Optimizing sustainable superabsorbent hydrogel’s parameters for best performance

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Developing biodegradable and compostable films

At our Bioplastics department, we are conducting research on the following areas:

1. Compounding of biodegradable and compostable granules suitable for film extrusion
2. Optimizing biodegradable and compostable films' parameters for best performance

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Developing sustainable, biodegradable and compostable nonwovens

Our Nonwovens department is focusing on the following research areas:

1. 100% plant-based, natural cellulose fibres for making nonwovens
2. Sustainable regenerated cellulose derived from non-wood fibres

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Biodegradation, Compostability and Eco-Toxicity (BCE)

Evaluating BCE through standardized lab tests

At our Biodegradation, Compostability and Eco-Toxicity (BCE) lab, we are conducting research on the following areas:

1. Biodegradation and compostability of our products in different environments
2. Disintegration of our products in industrial and home composting settings
3. Eco-toxicity levels of the compost produced from product biodegradation

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Evaluating methods for safe composting of biodegradable products in different environments

Our Biotech department is focusing on the following research areas:

1. Evaluating different microbes and enzymes suitable for effectively composting our ingredients
2. Evaluating methods for the safe composting of biodegradable products in different environments

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Evaluating product end-of-life scenarios in landfill environments and incinerators

At our Environment department, we are focusing on the following research areas:

1. Evaluating degradation of sanitary pads in landfills under anaerobic digestion conditions
2. Assessing emission profiles of sanitary pad disposal through incineration (combustion)
3. Conducing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to evaluate how we can reduce our carbon emissions

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Engineering and Product Design

Making product, packaging and manufacturing more efficient and effective through design and innovation

Our Engineering and Product Design department is focusing on the following areas:

1. Product innovation to enhance performance
2. Packaging innovation to reduce environmental impact
3. Manufacturing innovation to increase operational efficiency

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