It’s simply a better pad

  • Better for your body

    No harsh chemicals or fragrances that may cause skin irritation, rashes or UTIs

  • Better for the environment

    Made with biodegradable and compostable bamboo fibre, banana fibre and corn-starch

  • Better for farmers

    Farmers earn extra income each harvest from banana stems agro-waste

  • Better for the community

    Every time you purchase a Sparkle banana fibre sanitary pad online, we donate a pad to a girl in need.

All Natural Sparkle Pads

Made with biodegradable and compostable banana fibre, bamboo fibre and corn starch, Sparkle pads can biodegrade in around 6 months of disposal. #SwitchToSparkle

Conventional Plastic Pads

Commercial pads contain up to 90% plastic and other harsh chemicals and remain unchanged in the landfill for around 600 years after disposal. #PlasticFreePeriods

Why Banana Fibre

Banana plants grow rapidly in just 9-12 months. Once bananas are harvested, these plants become agro-waste. Farmers typically burn these discarded stems which pollutes the environment.

In India, around 800,000 hectares of banana plantations generate around 64 million tonnes of agro-waste.

We transform this agro-waste into sustainable raw material for making Sparkle pads.

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Our Cause

Across the globe, millions of girls and women miss up to 50-60 days of school or work every year because they cannot afford menstrual hygiene products. Access to sanitary napkins can provide girls and women equal opportunities to reach their full potential at both school and work.

Buy One, Give One Initiative

Every time you purchase a Sparkle banana fibre sanitary pad online, we donate a pad to a girl in need. Let’s give more girls a chance to stay in school!

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