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How you can make a difference

Take the first step

Start a new club, chapter or campaign at your schools, colleges, community centres or neighbourhoods (or join other great initiatives that may be operational in your regions such as PeriodGirl Up, etc.)

Break the stigma

Spread awareness about sustainable menstruation, gender equality, circular economy or other causes close to your heart through seminars, activities or social media campaigns

Connect with local NGOs

Many NGOs or organizations may be working on important issues in your communities at the grassroots level. You can get in touch with them to explore potential collaboration opportunities

Conduct fundraising activities

You can raise funds and donate menstrual hygiene products to underprivileged girls and women who have to miss school or work due to lack of access to period products

How we can help

Provide sanitary pads at subsidised rates

We can work together towards solving the problem of lack of access to sanitary pads to underprivileged girls and women especially in rural communities.

Provide guidance

If you are planning to conduct awareness seminars, we can support you by sharing informative blogs, eBooks and presentations about menstruation.

Help you reach more people

We can help you spread the word by sharing your efforts and hard work with our entire Sparkle community through our social media channels

Connect you with NGOs

We can introduce you to NGOs we have collaborated with. You can get in touch with them to learn more about how they are addressing women’s health and wellness issues in their local communities

Ignite The Spark

To all the fearless and motivated activists who want to make a difference by fighting to end period poverty and period stigma, we are with you. No matter who you are or where you live, everyone can contribute and make a positive change.

A few hours of your free time and a simple WhatsApp group or Instagram/Facebook page can bring people together in your communities and make an impact in the lives of many girls and women. Email us at to get started.

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