It’s no secret that non-biodegradable, “conventional” sanitary pads can cause multidimensional problems to the human body and to the world at large.

After years of thorough research and careful deliberation, we have designed Sparkle sanitary pads from biodegradable and compostable ingredients made from renewable resources that can also offer similar or better performance, comfort and convenience compared to conventional sanitary pads.

We designed pads not just for the 4-5 days of a menstruator’s cycle; we designed our pads also keeping its entire product life-cycle in mind, right from selecting its raw materials to its disposal, all the way to its journey to becoming one with the Earth again.

Whether Sparkle pads end up in a landfill, are incinerated or even end up in your home compost pit, they are a more sustainable alternative compared to conventional pads that contain up to 90% plastics, complex petrochemical-based ingredients, artificial fragrances, and other chemicals.

What comes from Nature,
finds its way back to Nature.

Home-compostable sanitary napkins
Made with a cellulose-based top sheet, cellulose-based absorbent core, home-compostable back film and wrapper, bio-based adhesives and non-toxic adhesive, Sparkle pads are not only plastic-free, and chemical-free, but they are also biodegradable and home-compostable. This means your Sparkle pads can break down into organic matter easily, and return to the soil when composted at home, giving you healthy soil.
When Sparkle pads are properly incinerated, they offer a more sustainable alternative compared to conventional pads that contain complex petrochemical-based plastics, fragrances, and other chemicals which can emit toxic gases.
If they aren’t disposed of in a home compost pit and find their way to a landfill, our pads can still biodegrade at a much faster rate compared to conventional plastic pads as they are made with large amounts of cellulose and other bio-based materials.