EDANA Index 2023

Sparkle received the prestigious EDANA Index 2023 Awards in the category 'Sustainable Product’


Sparkle received the prestigious ‘EDANA OUTLOOK™ India Innovation Award’ in 2023.

FICCI Indian Circular Economy Award 2022

Sparkle received the ‘FICCI Indian Circular Economy Award 2022’ in the ‘Circular Technology Disruptor’ category.

Young Achievers Award 2021

Hetal Virani, Sparkle’s Co-Founder, received the prestigious “Young Achievers Award 2021” from SGCCI, India.

Meet The Drapers

Sparkle was selected as one of the 27 startups to be a part of the US TV show, ‘Meet The Drapers’ Season 3, which aired in 150 countries.

TechCrunch Top Pick

Sparkle got selected as a ‘TechCrunch Top Pick’ in the 'Health Category' as one of the 'Top 5 Startups' from across the world at TC Disrupt San Francisco 2019, USA.