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Breaking Free From Unnecessary Myths & Misconceptions

The only way through which one can break-free from such stereotypes is by creating a community that understands the objectives of a sensitive society and constantly strives towards breaking gender differences, socio-cultural distinctions as well as blind myths & misconceptions that exist in our society.

Mental Health In The Age Of Social Media

It is not every day that you feel something is essentially wrong with your life, but are unable to put your finger on the exact problem. Psychology has included this state of being among the symptoms of a plethora of problems, starting from a mild internal struggle to severe cases of depression.

7 Ways To Pamper Yourself On Your Period

Your body should by far be your first and foremost best friend, especially during gruelling times like menstruation. As this is an event that occurs every month, every woman needs that little extra bit of care and pampering, either through her efforts or someone else’s.

PCOS: The Symptoms Of This Syndrome

You might always brush aside the idea of yourself having to deal with PCOS, but what you need to realize is that you are not immune to it. PCOS is a very common syndrome that affects many women all across the globe.

Guidelines For The Disposal Of Soiled Sanitary Pads

Due to the lack of infrastructure for organised segregation, collection and transportation of menstrual and other sanitary waste on a large scale, in most countries, these soiled pads eventually end up in a landfill or even at places where the light, temperature and bacterial activities required for degradation may not be at ideal levels.

Synthetic Ingredients Used In Conventional Sanitary Pads And Their Sustainable Alternatives

Today, health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers are willing to go the extra mile to purchase products that are good for the environment. Some brands take advantage of this fact and use misleading eco-friendly terminology to trick you into buying something that may not really be as sustainable as you might have thought.

Biodegradable Sanitary Pads: Everything You Need To Know

Unfortunately, the terms ‘biodegradable’, ‘compostable’, ‘oxo-degradable’ and many such others are frequently misused in marketing and advertising to sell products that may not entirely be eco-friendly. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not synonymous.

A Healthy Vagina Is On Its Way!

Women’s menstrual hygiene is a topic that is of utmost importance and yet looked upon as an icky and disgusting subject. However, the important question to ask here is, why? Don’t you think it’s high time we take necessary steps to address the problems related to menstrual health?

Here’s A Heads Up On UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections, popularly known as UTIs, are infections that affect the urinary system of your body. Caused when bacteria (that are normally present on the skin) make their way into your urinary bladder, UTIs are more likely to affect women as compared to men, mainly because of the anatomy of the female body.

Go The Extra Mile With Sparkle

Natural pad-manufacturing companies in India are now trying to explore opportunities in creating a circular economy - a way of life that sources resources from nature while simultaneously giving back in multiple positive ways.

What Is The Use Of The Best Quality Pads, If All We Have Are Poor Sanitation Facilities?

Women are biologically different from men, and because of this reason, they are more affected by the unavailability of proper sanitation facilities. A proper washroom with adequate facilities is the least a woman can ask for when she's on her period.

The Chain Of Helping Hands

Through Sparkle’s ‘Buy One Give One’ initiative, all one needs to do is buy Sparkle pads for themselves. With every pad purchased, the company donates a pad to a girl in need.

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