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The Sparkle Story: Our First Year & First Chapter

It always begins with a simple idea. As you start to work on that idea, your vision becomes clear and after a lot of ...

Choose Better: For You And For The Environment

When companies that manufacture and sell products put in genuine efforts towards educating customers about the entire product life cycle, starting from transparently outlining all the ingredients to facilitating ways to properly dispose the product after being used, we can initiate a sustainable change at a large scale.

Breaking the Dilemma of Sanitary Pads Disposal

Due to the lack of infrastructure for organised segregation, collection and transportation of menstrual and other sanitary waste on a large scale, in most countries, these soiled pads eventually end up in a landfill or even at places where the light, temperature and bacterial activities required for degradation may not be at ideal levels.

Synthetic Ingredients Used In Conventional Sanitary Pads And Their Sustainable Alternatives

Today, health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers are willing to go the extra mile to purchase products that are good for the environment. Some brands take advantage of this fact and use misleading eco-friendly terminology to trick you into buying something that may not really be as sustainable as you might have thought.

Biodegradable Sanitary Pads: Everything You Need To Know

Unfortunately, the terms ‘biodegradable’, ‘compostable’, ‘oxo-degradable’ and many such others are frequently misused in marketing and advertising to sell products that may not entirely be eco-friendly. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not synonymous.

Go The Extra Mile With Sparkle

Natural pad-manufacturing companies in India are now trying to explore opportunities in creating a circular economy - a way of life that sources resources from nature while simultaneously giving back in multiple positive ways.

7 Ways In Which Natural Pads Will Change Your Life

With the world coming to terms with what is happening to our environment, the thought of how the Earth is going to be, ten years from now, is quite overwhelming.

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