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Here’s A Heads Up On UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections, popularly known as UTIs, are infections that affect the urinary system of your body. Caused when bacteria (that are normally present on the skin) make their way into your urinary bladder, UTIs are more likely to affect women as compared to men, mainly because of the anatomy of the female body. Given below are a few insights about UTIs that will help you identify, prevent and tackle them in the future:

Identifying The Elephant In The Room

The main problem with UTI infections is that they come into our lives, uninvited and at the most unexpected times. It usually starts off by making the host feel uncomfortable about their body - the infection typically kickstarts with uneasiness, symptoms such as a burning sensation while peeing, and an intense urge to constantly urinate. In addition, strong-smelling urine may also indicate the presence of a UTI in your body. Other symptoms can include pain in the lower abdomen and the occurrence of fever, chills, fatigue, etc (depending upon the severity of the infection) that will potentially make your life difficult over the next couple of days after the diagnosis.

The Most Tricky Part - Handling It

Realizing the infection’s presence in your body is your first hurdle, but handling it will be the trickier one. The first step lies in finding the perfect balance between what should be done at regular intervals, and what should be avoided throughout the infection’s course. Keeping your body hydrated, drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, and having fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C will help soothe your body to a great extent. Another effective method to tackle UTIs is to include probiotic-rich products in your diet - these will contain beneficial micro-organisms that can be consumed through food or supplements. They can promote the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. In addition to these, healthy practices such as using the washroom and urinating after sexual intercourse (to prevent the accumulation of bacteria), not holding yourself from urinating at any point in time, and maintaining good menstrual hygiene will greatly help with handling UTIs as well as preventing them from occurring in the future. Ultimately, appropriate medication and the sufficient intake of antibiotics along with the above measures will definitely make UTIs less frustrating for you.

Here’s A Heads Up On UTIs - Sparkle Natural Sanitary Pads | Biodegradable Sanitary Pads‎‎- Blog

The Role Played By Natural Products

It goes without saying that natural products, without a doubt, are the best for your body as well as the environment. They are naturally breathable and soft on your skin, and thus, help you avoid chemical or allergic reactions of different kinds. For example, natural pads such as Sparkle, do not contain any synthetic fibres, harsh chemicals or plastic - therefore, reducing the risk of the growth of bacteria that may lead to infections in your body. In addition to switching to natural pads and using unclean public washrooms with greater caution will help eliminate the possibility of contracting bacteria from other people who have used the same washroom earlier.

Ensuring A Future Devoid Of UTI Infections

There are multiple ways of preventing UTIs. However, the result is not always in your hands. A healthy lifestyle and a nutrition-rich balanced diet will get your immune system to work efficiently, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the possibility of contracting UTIs in the future. In case it affects you, you must be confident enough to think on your feet and handle the problem. A future devoid of UTIs is a far catch, but with a healthy lifestyle, good presence of mind, and excellent hygienic measures, you can keep UTIs far away from your body for as long as possible!


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