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Effects Of Periods On Your Mental Health: The Hows, Whats & Whys

Menstruation brings with it a lot of mixed feelings - relief because you know that your body is functioning healthily as well as dread due to the discomfort of bloating and the pain-inducing cramps. It's not just physical discomfort that makes us feel this way, but also the mental one. However, being aware of what is in store for you might help you with dealing with these problems further in life. Keep reading to learn more about three ways periods affect you and how to deal with it.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS has been a women-centred sexist joke for so long that most people have lost all awareness about this problem that women go through—however, it continues to remain one. “Why are you overreacting? Are you PMS-ing?” is a statement that people make often overlooking the fact that about 30-40% of women suffer from PMS for over two weeks before their periods. For a lot of women, this includes symptoms like an increase in appetite, constant irritability, moodiness, anxiety and uneasiness, which often hampers their day to day life.

If you find yourself suffering from any of these, you should know that it is all due to the instability in your oestrogen levels and that the best way to deal with it is by meditating and keeping yourself hydrated. You can also take pain medication if you find it unbearable, but make sure you consult a doctor before you do so.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

You can imagine PMDD as a giant version of PMS because that is exactly how it presents itself. PMDD is an overall health problem that affects mental health, much like PMS, but it is a lot more severe and challenging to deal with. Symptoms of PMDD include trouble focusing on daily tasks, tiredness or low energy, mood swings, panic attacks, severe depression, constant irritability, and much more. Chances are that one might suffer from PMDD if they are suffering from general anxiety and depression or are of child-bearing age, which constitutes about 5% of the total female population.

Once again, you must know that this is purely a hormonal issue and there is nothing wrong in feeling the way you do. Fluctuations in your serotonin and oestrogen cause these problems, and it can easily be diagnosed. While it may not be curable, it can be brought under control using medication. Drug store pain medicines, antidepressants and birth control pills help a lot in relieving you of PMDD.Effects Of Periods On Your Mental Health The Hows Whats & Whys - Sparkle blogPhysical Symptoms

Physical problems during periods range from skin problems to facing discomfort in doing simple daily activities. A few weeks before periods begin, some women may experience issues such as pimples, bleeding gums, oily hair and skin, which can lead to acne and pigmentation. Altered sex drive might lead to frustration and sleeping difficulties due to discomfort, which only adds to the irritability. Headaches and cramping pain cause stress, as they hamper every woman’s daily routine.

It is best, in times like these that you listen to your body and take the well-deserved rest that you need. You can also prepare in advance by carrying pain medication, hot bags and soothing comfort foods that you often crave for during your period when you start noticing these symptoms kicking in.

Periods are difficult, problematic and hamper our daily living, but that shouldn’t stop us from being able to live our lives. Be aware of everything you might face and deal with all your challenges head-on because your periods are natural and here to stay.

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