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Changes in your period: Everything you need to know

Women all across the globe have been experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle ever since the pandemic hit the world. Decreased appetite? Increased cramps? Bleeding too much? Bleeding too little? Worry not; you aren’t alone. We have been coping with the pandemic by all means possible, but this sudden yet inevitable change in our menstrual cycles is not what we expected. As inconvenient as it may be, this change in our periods can be brought under control, or rather, be brought back to normal. However, to be able to do that, you need to understand what is happening to your body.  

Changes Outside, Changes Inside

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the world as we know it, and our menstrual health has also borne the brunt of it. According to the gynaecologists worldwide, one in every three women is experiencing issues with their periods—irregular cycles, varying degrees of pain, delayed periods. The most common reason, you wonder? Stress and fear. Fear is one of the most dominant emotions that we collectively feel, which ultimately leads to increased stress. Fear of the uncertain future or economic instability leads to a lot of stress on working women. Working from home is also the new normal which many women aren’t boding well with. Having to take care of their home, children, if any, as well as their work, can sometimes be overwhelming. Also, there have been drastic changes in everyone’s lifestyle and eating habits, something that is known to affect every woman’s periods directly. This avalanche of emotion and changes instil the release of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone. This suppresses the release of your hormones which regulate your menstrual cycle. This causes women to either bleed multiple times a month or miss their periods altogether.Changes in your period everything you need to know - sparkle blog - 2Stress Sees No Age  

Whether you are a student, a homemaker or a working woman, stress affects everyone. The reasons for women getting stressed might be drastically different; after all, everyone has a different battle to fight.

Due to Covid-19 related uncertainties, young women, who are in schools and colleges, see a different future than what they have envisioned, and this is reason enough to make them anxious. Not only is their education getting affected, but they are also losing out on a majority of life experiences that they should be able to get while growing up. Also, having to focus on their studies with the scare of the virus is a giant hurdle to jump.

Working women are the most affected by the pandemic. Having to look after the house and manage work from home at the same time can certainly be overwhelming. It is only natural they forget to take care of themselves.

Women who are about to hit their menopause need the most stable lifestyle possible. Menopause is challenging to deal with for many, and this sudden hit of the pandemic can make it a bigger challenge to face. Stress is affecting every menstruating woman, regardless of how old they are. It is our job now to take care of ourselves and to make our health a priority.

Unplug Your Body To Charge Yourself

The present may seem scary and the future may seem foggy, but you must know that you aren’t alone. It is natural to be anxious and stressed out, but keeping your health in check should be your top priority. Doctors across the globe have advised women to exercise daily to regulate hormones better. It is also suggested that you leave work behind for a few hours every day to relax. Meditation can certainly help as well. Lastly, eating a balanced meal and maintaining a healthy diet can regulate your periods. You may not be able to incorporate everything, but you can start with small changes and alter your lockdown-lifestyle to be a healthy one. Our body sends us signals all the time, understand them and relax; even though work and global changes demand your attention, you must learn to unplug once in a while.
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