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7 Ways To Pamper Yourself On Your Period

Here’s a thought - think of your body as your best friend. Now, what will you do if your (actual) best friend is not feeling well, or is going through a hard time? You’re going to obviously take care of them, and give them all you’ve got - you’re going to try being there for them at all possible times, check up on them, pamper them, and make sure they bounce back to their regular selves as soon as possible. If you are willing to do that for another person, why shouldn’t you want to do the same for yourself? Your body should by far be your first and foremost best friend, especially during gruelling times like menstruation. As this is an event that occurs every month, every woman needs that little extra bit of care and pampering, either through her efforts or someone else’s. Here are a few ways through which you or your loved ones can do that:

1. Use Products That Won’t Make You Feel Like You’re On Your Period

First and foremost, you must ensure that you use comfortable, natural and biodegradable sanitary pads during the entire course of your period. Not only are these products good for your health, but they’re also great on the environment as well. Biodegradable and sustainable sanitary napkins, like the ones made by Sparkle, constitute natural raw materials such as banana fibres, bamboo fibres, and corn-starch. These core materials will help you handle your period effectively, as well as ensure a great experience that is free from any kind of harmful chemical reactions.

2. The P-M-S (Pamper Me Sufficiently) Syndrome

Give yourself a break from the mundane routine of being independent, socializing, and creating a good impression - you don’t need to be there for everyone all the time! Take this break to pamper yourself - menstruation is that time of the month where you need to relax and try listening to your body and nothing else for a few days. This will help you get back to your routine with a fully reenergized and recharged body - as an added bonus, you can now chase after your aspirations with renowned vigour!

3. Muse With The Melodies In Your Memory

You know what they makes everything a LOT better. So do precisely that. Take a long walk down memory lane with your favourite tracks from that comfy-cosy 90’s playlist of yours (cue all the boyband hits) - this is guaranteed to take your mind to a happy place, and maybe even make you forget about the discomfort caused by those period cramps. On the bright side, you can even groove to those upbeat songs! Having said that, just make sure that you don’t exhaust yourself. You still need some energy in the reserves for the rest of your day.

4. Boost Your Oxytocin With Your Best Buddies

They say that spending time with your best friends, your partner, or family members i.e., people who take you to your happy place, will boost your overall oxytocin levels during your menstrual cycle. To put it into context, oxytocin is the hormone of love and bonding, and the very same hormone that generates that much-sought-after feeling of pure bliss. Also, in case you are curious about the other part of spending time with your partner, yes, you're right -  an orgasm will provide you with a mighty oxytocin boost!

7 Ways To Pamper Yourself On Your Period - Sparkle Blog

5. Embrace The Foodie In You

You may have heard this point enough times or read it in multiple blogs, but we’re here to remind you that you don’t have to, but that you really NEED to spoil yourself at times. That’s right, we’re talking about food. Forget about worrying over accumulated bills, the diet journey, and splurge on your favourite comfort foods - at the end of the day, we get our menstrual cycle once every month, and 5 days out of 30 or 31 isn’t going to put your health progress back by a massive bout. So go ahead and order that tub of chocolate ice cream - your secret's safe with us.

6. Warm Yourself With Some Water

Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, water can help you in a plethora of ways during your period.  A warm shower will help raise your spirits and elevate your mood while on your period; keeping your body warm will also help in regulating your menstrual flow, and ensuring that every bit of unwanted blood leaves your body the right way. So warm your water up and see the wonders!

7. Stick To An Early-To-Bed Regime

Nothing can help you get through your period other than a big, fat night of sound sleep. Adults need approximately 7 to 9 hours of sleep. An ample amount of sleep every night during your period will definitely improve your mood, alertness and performance, not only during that time of the month, but also during every other day. During your menstrual cycle, a good sleep cycle will provide you with the energy that is required to handle the ups and downs that occur during those five or six days.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and have a great period!

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