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5 Common Food Myths During Menstruation Busted

“Should I have that?” or “Should I not?” are two among the few questions women have when their stomachs grumble, while they are on their period. Most of us have been exposed to the idea of certain food items having an adverse effect on our menstruating bodies. Some of them are true, yes, but most of them, aren’t. Look out for some of these food myths in your daily life, because they are simply an added headache to your periods!

Myth 1: Sour Food Can Worsen Period Pain

There is no direct connection between sour food and period pain. If you are someone who likes sour tasting food, you can consume it without the worry of worsening menstrual cramps. Having said that, while you are on your period, it is good to have leafy vegetables, pulses and yoghurt as well. These will help soothe your stomach and lighten your mood.

Myth 2: Consuming Chocolate May Lead To Menstrual Cramps

This is just pure logic. Chocolate releases endorphins that can improve your mood instantly. Moreover, dark chocolate contains healthy cocoa bean, which is high in magnesium, potassium and iron. These can help relax your muscles and get your good mood up and running in no time without the worry of menstrual cramps.5 Common Food Myths During Menstruation Busted - Sparkle blogMyth 3: Menstruating Women Can Spoil Pickle By Touching Them

Ladies, engrave this fact into your brains - ‘No pickle will get spoilt if a menstruating woman touches it’. Menstruation is a normal biological process that all women go through during their lifetime. But some people do not understand this, or rather choose to ignore this. They consider ‘period blood’ to be impure and thus demonize menstruating women by telling them that their touch makes the pickle go rotten. This is completely ridiculous, and feminists all over the country have been fighting for years to take this myth down.

Myth 4: Milk Soothes Your Uterus While On Period

Although dairy is an integral part of a well-balanced diet, consuming milk while on your period may cause bloating, gas formation and may sometimes worsen the effects of period cramps. Having said that, milk is not your enemy during periods. If you have it in limited quantities, milk will do you no harm when you’re menstruating.

And The Best One So Far...

Myth 5: You Aren’t Supposed To Cook While On Your Period

The myth surrounding this states that if you cook while you’re menstruating, there’s a chance you’ll spoil the food. Sorry to burst your ancestors’ bubble, but entering the kitchen or cooking while you are on your period WILL NOT spoil the food. In fact, it will be an activity that will help you take your mind off the pain (if any) and do what you love. Also, if you are a foodie, then cooking is the best way to satisfy your food cravings.

Following tradition is good, but blindly following superstitions is just sad and doesn’t help you in any way. So think before you believe in a myth and try to understand what is right and what is wrong. And if your parents force you to do something against your wish, try to make them understand too!

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